SWG 100 Biogas - Gas Conditioning Package
SWG 100 Biogas - Gas Conditioning Package

SWG 100 Biogas - Gas Conditioning Package

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The SWG-100 is a stationary unit used in the analysis of biogas, biomethane, solid waste gas and coal bed methane.  The gas conditioning package includes several additional components to separate liquid from the sample gas and prevent condensation, leading to a longer sensor life and fewer maintenance concerns. These instruments can withstand the harsh environments of humid, precipitation heavy solid waste disposal sites with wet and dirty sample gas.

Basic Equipment
  • Industry compatible rugged design for harsh industrial environment
  • Standard safety system included with continuously monitored fan ventilation of cabinet and gas flow restrictor orifice at gas inlet
  • Efficient sample gas preparation for fast and reliable measurements
  • Sampling from low suction up to high pressure gas
  • No dilution of the sample gas, neither use of compressed air is required
  • Direct and continuous/discontinuous measurement, with pressure and temperature compensation and event data logging
  • Up to 10 sites monitoring (time sharing technique) with only one analyzer
  • Ready to run delivery
  • Gas Conditioning Components include
  • Peltier-type gas cooler and condensation draining pump
  • filtered condensate accumulation bucket with automatic draining 
  • purafil gas filters. Filter granulate can be easily removed and refilled, eliminating costly filter replacements
  • H2S low sensor protection software with cut-off solenoid and air purging pump. A user defineable ppm limit will automatically stop the flow of gas to the H2S sensor, significantly prolonging its life.
Technical Data
Measuring ranges
O2 – Oxygen 0 … 25 % electrochemical
CO2 – Carbon dioxide 0 … 100% NDIR
CH4 – Metahne 0 … 100% NDIR
H2S – Hydrogen sulfide 0 …2,000 ppm / 5,000ppm electro-chemical (continuous)

Dimensions and other data
Operating temperature 41°F …113°F (+5°C…+45°C) or -4°F …113°F (-20°C…+45°C) with cabinet heater
Power supply Universal 90 – 240 Vac / 47 – 63 Hz / 90 W (300 W with cabinet heater)
Protection class IP 54

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