Digital Manometer ± 75 hPa (± 30 in H2O) DM9600

Digital Manometer ± 75 hPa (± 30 in H2O) DM9600

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The DM 9600 is a precision manometer used for accurate pressure, differential pressure, and temperature measurements. The DM 9600 has 0.5% accuracy and resolution to 0.001.

DM 9600 75 mBar Accuracy: +/-2 Pa or 0.5% from measuring range Resolution: 0.1 Pa

Basic Equipment
  • Temperature compensated pressure sensor
  • 2 separate K-type thermocouple sockets for standard NiCrNi thermocouples
  • 2,8" touch, color display
  • Fiberglass reinforced enclosure with integrated fixing magnets
  • Infrared printing interface
  • USB socket for data transfer and battery charging
  • Micro SD-card slot
  • Li-Ion battery for up to 20 h operation
  • Internal data storage of 1000 measurements and 500 sites
  • All international measuring units selectable as mbar, inchH O, etc 2
  • Graphical display of measurement
  • Measuring ranges from ± 1 mbar to ± 7 bar
  • Automatic zeroing for long time stability of readings<
  • Concurrent measurement of pressure and temperature (K-type thermocouple)
Other Options Available

Measuring ranges  
± 150 hPa (± 60 inH2O) # 912 202
± 350 hPa (± 140 inH2O) # 912 204
± 1,000 hPa (± 401 inH2O) # 912 206
± 7,000 hPa (± 2,800 inH2O) # 912 208
Dimensions and other data  
Battery capacity appr.   20h
Weight appr.  14 ounces
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The MRU DM9600 Digital Manometer is a precision instrument designed for measuring low-pressure gas systems with high accuracy. The device measures ±75 hPa (±30 in H2O) and is ideal for use in HVAC, clean room, medical, and laboratory applications. This advanced digital manometer is designed to provide quick and accurate pressure readings, making it an essential tool for professionals who demand the best.

The MRU DM9600 is built with advanced technology to ensure reliable and accurate readings. It features a high-resolution display that shows pressure readings in real-time and allows for easy monitoring of system pressure. The device is also equipped with a data hold function that allows you to freeze the current reading on the display for further analysis.

One of the key advantages of the MRU DM9600 is its ease of use. It has a large, easy-to-read 2.8" touch, color backlit display that shows the pressure readings in real-time, and its intuitive menu system allows users to quickly switch between different measurement modes and units of measurement. The DM9600 also features a built-in data logger that can store up to 1000 readings, which can be easily downloaded to a PC via the included USB cable.

The MRU DM9600 stands out due to its precision, accuracy, and advanced features. MRU Instruments, the manufacturer of the DM9600, has been providing high-quality measuring instruments for over 40 years and has built a reputation for reliability and accuracy.

In the USA, the demand for digital manometers is high due to the growth of industries like HVAC and medical. The need for accurate and reliable pressure measurement is crucial in these industries, and the MRU DM9600 is designed to meet these demands.

In summary, the MRU DM9600 Digital Manometer is an essential tool for professionals who demand the highest level of accuracy and reliability. Its advanced features, precision, and accuracy make it stand out from the competition, and its ease of use and portability make it a must-have for those on the go. If you're looking for a reliable and accurate digital manometer, the MRU DM9600 is the perfect choice.

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