OMS 420 EX O2 & COe Monitor

OMS 420 EX O2 & COe Monitor

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The OMS 420 Ex is an in-situ oxygen and O2 & COe monitor designed for continuous combustion optimisation in hazardous area zones.. It is ideal for various industrial furnaces, ovens, and boilers with hazards of explosive atmospheres. Petruoleum refinery plants, petrochemical plants, gas separation, blast furnace, coke oven and other syngas plants are all excellent candidates for the OMS 420 Ex. 

Basic Equipment
  • Hazardous area designation of use: Zone 2 or Class 1, Div 2, Gr A/B/C/D
  • Special IP 65 pressurized cabinet and z-purge controller, complying to II 3G Ex pz II T3 Gc
  • On site replaceable detector head with sensors (O2 & COe)
  • Integrated control unit with backlit display, operating key pad, dual galvanic isolated 4 … 20 mA output and digital output RS 485 (Modbus RTU)
  • Stainless steel SS316Ti flange 4″ ANSI-150Ibs with flow guidance probe tubes, from 11.81“ up to 78.81“ length
  • Unique hot solid electrolyte sensor for combustible COe-measurement without need for sample dilution with air as required for catalytic bead sensors (Pellistors) (Option)
  • Unique blow-back system for dusty flue gases (Option)
  • Integrated auto-calibration for accurate measurements (Option)
  • Dust tight and water proof enclosure, with optional ATEX heater for very low ambient air temperatures or optional ATEX Vortex cooler for high ambient temperatures

Technical Data

Measuring ranges
COe – Combustibles 0 … 1,000 ppm COe (combustibles gas)
O2 – Oxygen 0.1 … 25 % (user defined analog output range)
Dimensions and other data
Transmitter outputs Two (2) 4/20mA and RS485 (Modbus)
Flange DN65 PN6, Ø 6.5″ (165 mm) for Compact & RT


4″ 150lb ANSI for HT;

4″ 150lb ANSI Flange Adapter for Compact & RT

Response time T90 < 10 seconds
Power supply 18-24VDC; 90-100 W
Protection class IP 65
Weight > 33lbs (15 kg), depending on probe tube size


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